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After School Care & Incursions

After School Care & Vacation Care Incursions Brisbane

Providing a fun, educational and professional learning experience!

Fantastic Kids Parties are Brisbane's most sort after kids party entertainment service. We also deliver very popular Incursion and after school care entertainment for Schools in Brisbane. We utilise the new government framework called My Time, Our Place to help better teach and understand children's needs to help grant them a better start in life. This framework has been established by the Australian government so "All children have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for the nation."

Through play and leisure during the holiday and after school period, we help children learn and develop which promotes collaboration and active citizenship.

Each program we offer share the My Time, Our Place framework, so we can help make Australia better.

Fantastic Kids Parties OSHC entertainment operates at Brisbane and Gold Coast schools. Our Outside hours school care packages are packed full of endless entertainment for each age group and gender! For further inquires please contact us below. 


Brisbane Incursion and After School Care Framework


Bootcamp army incursion and after school care program

Commando Boot Camp Incursion or After School Care Program

Nothing beats being outside under the sun and working up a sweat! Our bootcamp programs offer just that. We provide a full obstacle course that will challenge every single child from the word GO! Each child will be put into 1 of 4 battalions, this allows the entertainers to manage the children and provide more 1 on 1 encouragement and acknowledgment for each participant. The obstacle course will be made up of tires, ropes, climbing formations and crawling pits. Different scenarios will be played out by the children including group time challenge, medic carry and individual obstacle course participation.

For more information about our Bootcamp Programs please contact us using the contact form below, for our full package information and pricing.


Science Experiments Lava Lamps

Educational Science and Rocket Ship Crafting Incursion & After School Care Programs

The world revolves around science. So what better way to educate children about basic science is to teach them how to build their own rocket! Our Mad Scientist Educational programs provide a fully educational and extremely fun learning experience. Our scientists will educate the children through visual learning practices including sight, smell and touch. With each experiment the children will learn the basic ingredients  used to create simple yet fun chemical reactions. 

For more information about our Science and Rocket Ship Crafting Programs please contact us using the contact form below, for our full package information and pricing.

water fun 1

Super Splash Water Slides Incursion & After School Care Programs

Qld can have some pretty crazy heat all year round, so why not let the kids enjoy the water with our mobile water slide park. The Super Splash program encourages children to participate in teams, to complete our water slide challenges and have some fun in the sun! We provide multiple water slides that are used for different activities, we also bring along water guns and water bombs for our water warfare tournament. All we need is access to the water.

For more information about our Super Splash Programs please contact us using the contact form below, for our full package information and pricing.


oshc entertainment dance incursions ballerina fantastic kids parties

Fantastic Kids Parties Dance Incursion Classes

Fantastic Kids Parties dance class incursions, don't require the perfect weather! Each class can be held inside or outside and is hosted by one of our professionally trained dance instructors. Our instructors are trained in Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Samba, Salsa and Contemporary styles. Our classes include a variety activities that include learning basic techniques, learn a routine and other fun and entertaining games. We hold classes up to 60 children, for more information about pricing and the exact details for each style of dancing please inquire below.

Fantastic Kids Parties host incursions each school holiday period. We also host after school care entertainment.
Please contact us below for more information regarding dates, times and package pricing and information.

If you would like to get in contact with us directly, please contact [email protected] or call 0424112113.